About Midwest Bicycle Supply, Inc.

Midwest Bicycle Supply, Inc. is located at 809 Carleton Street in St. Paul, Minnesota.

MBS, Inc. is the result of Midwest Bicycle, Inc. and Bike Shop Distributors merging in the fall of 2003. Our president is Mr. Edward Nickolson, who has over 40 years in the bicycle business and has owned and operated both retail and wholesale businesses. As a result, he has a unique perspective on the relationship between wholesalers and retailers and how we can help you make money.

We stock thousands of parts and accessories, including older and hard-to-get parts. Incentives include quantity pricing as well as our unique "Mix 'n Match Pricing," which helps increase your bottom line by decreasing your costs. Call us for more information about Mix 'n Match Pricing.

We have recently completed our catalog. Give us a call at 651-646-9716 to get your copy.

We look forward to serving your shop or dealership.


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